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Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta ( STEF-ən-ee JUR-mə-NOT-ə) (born March 28, 1986), known professionally as Lady Gaga, is an American singer, songwriter and actress. She is known for her consistent image reinventions and versatility in both music and entertainment. Gaga began performing as a teenager, singing at open mic nights and acting in school plays. She studied at Collaborative Arts Project 21, through New York University's Tisch School of the Arts, before dropping out to pursue a career in music. When Def Jam Recordings canceled her contract, she worked as a songwriter for Sony/ATV Music Publishing, where she signed a joint deal with Interscope Records and Akon's label, KonLive Distribution, in 2007. She rose to prominence the following year with her debut album The Fame and its chart-topping singles "Just Dance" and "Poker Face". The album was later reissued to include the EP The Fame Monster (2009), which yielded the singles "Bad Romance", "Telephone", and "Alejandro".

Jonathan Luck mentioned, "Some people get beat with the ugly stick. Lady Gaga got beat with an ugly rainforest, and no amount of steak can hide it."


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Assistant Manager (Former Employee) says

"The company as a whole isn’t awful, but the specific location I worked for was. The workload was insane for the amount of pay management was paid (measly.) There was no such thing as calling out sick: if you tried, you were threatened or told to come in anyway. There was no empathy at all. We were treated like machines. Cons: Work load, pay, sick time"

Assistant Manager (Former Employee) says

"The management team was not only terrible, inexperienced, but also unprofessional. Lots of gossip and favoritism and lying. Honestly this place was one of the most catty and unprofessional places I've worked. Cons: The management team, the lack of respect, hours, pay"

Production Associate (Former Employee) says

"Low pay..dead end long hours and holidays...very physical...a Covid-19 case in the warehouse every cleaning RF guns work equipment etc. that people share..break room tables are not cleaned at lunch.. the next person sits down to eat their food right after you get safety.. no social distancing..people allowed to where masks below nose..5 working microwaves to heat up lunch between 30 ppl..I could go on and on..This company does not care about their employees just numbers and unrealistic production goals..Stay safe stay away"

Assistant Store Manager (Former Employee) says

"Fraternization happened quite often in store 217 Cons: No breaks some days, management is not reliable"

Seasonal Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Absolute terrible place. Low pay, no hours, and everyones in your business like they care but watch out, they’re two faced backstabbers who will gossip behind your back and report you for personal things. They try to bribe you with items so you’ll be happy with their terrible, DIRTY store. They skip the regulations on cleaning things. Not to mention, they only hired ONE person of color, after years of it being white only. I’d stay away from this minimum wage circus. Cons: The entire job"

Key Holder/Sales Lead (Former Employee) says

"I was hired on a week ago and this is easily the worst job I have ever had. I was trained to open and close for about a week while my coworkers did absolutely nothing. I talked to one of the other openers about this, who went to the manager and told her I was "talking s***t" and "ruining the store morale" resulting in me being fired. Cons: Literally the rest of the job, managment will fire you if you disagree w any of them, management refuses to work, absolutely NO set in stone schedule"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"while the work environment may be a little bit more relaxed due to the nature of the product, the company itself and all the management are unorganized, wasteful and you have no benefits. let me repeat that, until you become a salaried worker, you have No benefits. this means no paid sick time, no healthcare, none of that. In every location, hours are not only underdelivered, but inaccurately reported. you will never get overtime, if you work it, they will rearrange the hours in the computer. You will not be appreciated or be even close to fairly paid for the amount of work you have to put in. Cons: no hours, bad scheduling, no training, not enough people scheduled, expected to work off the clock"

Full Time Senior Assistant Manager (Current Employee) says

"I’ve worked retail for many years, this is by far the worst company I’ve ever worked. Extremely unorganized, the manager doesn’t care until the higher ups are coming, then they expect the associates to clean every thing. There is a “storage area” in the back that is totally unsafe to store things on, yet they store hundreds of pounds of merchandise and expect staff to climb up there. Sorry no way"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Manager was very rude and abrasive. Unwilling to listen to or work with employees. Didnt care about customers or anyone. Unflexable unpredictable scheduling."

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"All managers were very discriminating against me."

Customer Service Representative (Current Employee) says

"Only work here if you thoroughly enjoy the products sold, a very casual environment & part time. Full time is absolutely not worth it unless you are a store manager or are on the management team short term."

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"They really suck. The Manager working there lied about me to get me fired and after it came out that she lied nothing was done to fix it. I would not recommend this job. Cons: A lot"

Store Manager (Former Employee) says

"District team was horrible. No communication skills at all, and they were very rude and racist. There was favoritism from other stores, it was a mess."

Auditor / Packer (Former Employee) says

"I did not like working at Hot Topic. It was close to home but that was the only plus I can think of. HR did not help you at all if you need them. They made it as hard as they could to work their. Some of the coworkers where really nice. But others where such suck up it made you want to barf. Treat the floor managers like a piece of dirt. Felt sorry for them."

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"I worked with hot topic for not long but was a frequent customer for over five years at that location... I’ve met other hot topic employees from other locations who say the exact thing so it isn’t just my store. No training what so ever and the management is practically non existent. The job literally drains you because of how awful the managers do thing."

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"very dramatic management, poor pay, not very many options for advancement, poor hours, constant inventory management, constant sales/panogram changes."

Associate (Former Employee) says

"Lots of inproprieties going on. Manager was inaccurate with cash counts amongst many other loss provention infractions. No help from district manager"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"A typical day mostly consists of folding shirts and greeting customers. In my experience, the culture was very cutthroat, meaning if you weren't best friends with the manager, you were mistreated and misused. I was often left off the schedule but was expected to be called in a moment's notice. Innocent coworkers were blamed when issues like theft or fraud were suspected and then fired on the spot without any investigation. Those blamed were always workers the manager didn't like. The store itself, set in a rather small, religious town, was held to the same standards as the stores in large, liberal towns. Because we could rarely meet those standards, we were constantly threatened by higher management with closing and blamed for the low sales. Cons: Poor Management, Poor Investment in Workers by Management, Erratic Schedules"

Assistant Manager (Former Employee) says

"They will do their best to low ball you as far as wages go. They stock their store to the brim with unsellable stuff and make employees change the planogram and unnecessary amount. They care more about sales than they do employees or customers. The sales expectations for a store at a mall there teenagers shop are ridiculous, not to mention conversion."

Key Holder/Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"I worked there for 4 years and ended at $9.25. I started at two other jobs at $10. Not impressed with management, not impressed with the compensation of employees."

Customer says

"Do not buy from this website spent 170 on clothes and never received it every time I email them I get the same message waiting for stock I can’t even find a phone number for the store it looks like I will have to take legal action to get my money back I wasn’t even offered a refund please don’t buy from this site"

Natalie Renee says

"Lady Gaga is my favorite female vocalist. I’ve supported all of her work over the past decade. So when I saw she was selling signed posters, I decided to order one. I ordered back in May and it was supposed to ship in August. It is now the beginning of November and I am still waiting. I got one email in the first week of September saying it would be delayed and encouraging me to cancel my order and that’s all. I posted on Twitter and they tweeted me and apologized, but that’s it. No updates on my order or anything. No offering to make it right. It sucks because she’s my favorite and I want to own her merchandise but I refuse to give her merch store anymore of my money. All I wanted was a poster."

Katie says

"Like the others that have posted before me, I ordered several items of the Lady Gaga x BlackPink merch in June. I was so excited about the collection I bought about 170 USD worth of items! I messaged them in August and although they were extremely prompt (literally a minute) they did not refund or cancel my order. I even messaged them right now and received the same news in one minute. So my order is sitting in fulfillment purgatory. I'm so disappointed that Lady Gaga's merch company is like this. And not to be dramatic but when she posts videos and pics of her wearing the shirts I have ordered I feel so frustrated LOL. At least their customer service replies are quick. Please reconsider ordering from the Lady Gaga merch store for the time being. I'm hoping once covid issues are subsided it will smooth over and return to normal. And maybe I'll even get my order."

Myah M says

"Ordered a 40 dollar plus shipping’s shirt in late may/early June. It’s not the end of September and they haven’t sent me my shirt. When I email them they take their time responding. I have asked to get a refund and haven’t yet"

Lorenzo Lee says

"I ordered towards the end of June for the Blackpink X Lady GaGa Sour Candy Collection. I was given July 28, 2020 as a realistic shipping date. It has been over two months and there are no updates. I have tried contacting Lady GaGa merch team for updates and all I get are responses urging me to cancel my order and get a refund. I urge you not to place an order here. I’m still waiting for an updated shipping date."

Patty says

"I ordered a Lady Gaga x Black Pink shirt in June and still haven’t received it. I asked for a refund and they never replied or refunded my money. This merch company is a SCAM."

Sansa Stark says

"Absolutely the worst customer service I've ever experienced. These people are crooks. I hope Lady Gaga and her team become aware of the awful treatment this company has. After months of waiting for my merchandise, I finally reached out assuming the delay was from the corona virus. So I reach out asking for a refund. They immediately mark my order as "shipped" and say they can no longer refund me because my order is now shipped. I of course never received what I purchased. After weeks of repeatedly reaching out and getting an automated response, I finally have given up and come on here to hopefully warn other people."

Mitsu Ramos says

"I would give them a zero, but that isn't an option. Placed an order in May 2020, and received absolutely no information. I tried to be understanding due to the times, but at this point, this is completely unacceptable. They sent me an email that my order would be delayed for 2-4 weeks at the end of June 2020. By the end of July 2020, I was getting so incredibly frustrated with not receiving my order or any information regarding my order. I reached out to customer service for a full refund, then the representative decides to tell me that I can't get a refund because my order was already sent out. They give me a tracking number to a completely different customer located in Florida (whereas I'm located in California). I messaged the representative once again and they instead tell me that my order will be shipped "within 2-4 weeks" and I confirmed my address with them once again. Then they close the request. It's September 2020, and I have STILL not received a single email about my order nor have I even received my order. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY OR ANY OTHER ARTIST ASSOCIATED WITH THEM! THIS INCLUDES BLACKPINK AND ARIANA GRANDE'S "OFFICIAL" STORES!"

Adam Ryan says

"this has been absolutely awful. Two months still haven’t received my order. The day they were to ship I get an obvious bot reply saying there’s a production delay and it will ship in two days so look for an email with a tracking number. A week later, no email. I check in and I get another bot basically saying “no idea when or if your order will ship.” it was practically encouraging me to cancel my order. haven’t heard anything since then. DO NOT ORDER FROM GAGA OR BLACKPINK expecting to get anything. It’s the same company. I hate To be this negative cuz I get it, It’s a tough time for the mail globally but this transcends the Covid stuff. equal parts upset and bummed."

LM says

"I had reason to cancel my order. My refund was supposed to be processed within 5-7 business days they said. It was well over a month with no refund. I was in contact with them several times. They had the nerve to assure my cancellation is processing and that I will be refunded without taking my issue into further action. PayPal refunded me a couple months later. Beyond me why the shop never refunded my money."

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